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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Google Doodle for Yam Kim Fai’s 103rd Birthday

Feb 4, 2016

Yam Kim Fai’s 103rd Birthday

Chinese theatergoers have beheld the spectacle of Cantonese Opera since before the end of the Song Dynasty nearly 800 years ago. Thousands of performers have appeared on stages all across Southern China in that time, and the star of today’s homepage, Yam Kim-fai, is perhaps one of modern history’s most beloved. Known for her ability to sing in a low register and play both male and female roles, audiences thronged venues like Hong Kong’s Central Theater throughout the mid-twentieth century to watch Yam perform. Affectionately nicknamed the “opera fans’ lover”, she would eventually star in dozens of movies as well.

For today’s illustration, which commemorates what would have been the actress’s 103rd birthday, artist Sophie Diao drew on her experiences watching Chinese Opera and studying calligraphy as a kid.

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