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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Google Doodle for Halloween - Global Candy Cup 2015

Halloween - Global Candy Cup 2015

Welcome to the Global Candy Cup, a fierce competition where four extraordinary witches race to collect the most candy before the end of Halloween. Join one witch’s worldwide team and keep playing throughout the day to add to your team’s score. Only one team will go home with the Cup — will it be yours?
Get to know your contender below, and may the best witch win.

Meet Blue
Despite her humble, occasionally blurry beginnings, Blue is as cheerful as her glasses are big, and even managed to find some joy in her nearsightedness with the help of a sympathetic medieval craftsman. Even if she ends up losing her spectacles, crashing headlong into an unlucky crow and ending her race in a crumpled heap, she’ll probably still have had a blast.
Recruit your friends to Team Blue:  
Spirit animal
Golden retriever

Favorite word

Ideal night out 
Well-planned theme party

If she wins...
"Start planning my theme party!"

Meet Red
We’re told that Red is secretly tenderhearted, but didn’t hazard asking for fear of being turned into toads. Possessed of formidable physical and magical abilities, Red’s third appearance in the Candy Cup is no game--it’s business, and anything shy of giving her opponents a thorough shellacking simply won’t do. Opportunistic and wickedly fast, when Red isn’t racing falcons or tuning her broomstick she can be found doing such things as pummeling her younger brother.
Recruit your friends to Team Red:  
Spirit animal
Honey Badger

Favorite place
The starting line

Biggest pet peeve
Stupid questions

If she wins...
"What do you mean if?"

Meet Yellow
Yellow’s love of cats, we’re told, is matched only by her love of cats. As a young witch, she passed her days on the winding trails of an enchanted forest, and feels most at home among her feral friends, who often find themselves narrowly avoiding rib injuries in her particularly loving embrace. Quick, cunning, and delightedly aloof, Yellow might be advised to clutch the broomstick as tightly she clutches her feline counterparts.
Recruit your friends to Team Yellow:  
Favorite animal

Favorite place
Wherever there are presently more cats than people

Dream job
Cat lady

If she wins...
"No cat left behind!"

Meet Green
In the company of five siblings, space under a thatched-roof hut can get a little cramped. The pages of Chaucer, Radcliffe and Shakespeare’s Macbeth are a fine place for a young witch to escape such chaos. Unenthusiastic about physical activity, Green prefers to hone her craft in the bowels of a library rather than in the air, but she’s not to be written off--her appetite for any and all literature related to flying makes her magnificently crafty.
Recruit your friends to Team Green:  
Sprit animal

Favorite smell
Crisp pages

Favorite place
A windowsill late at night, lighted by an oil lamp

If she wins...
"I'll start a collection of ancient manuscripts."

The teams behind the teams

Team Blue

Sophie Diao
Nate Swinehart

Team Green

Ariel Lee
Maura Fitzgerald
Kris Hom
Corrie Scalisi
Michael Levin

Team Red

Gregory Capuano
Liat Ben-Rafael
Ryan Germick

Team Yellow
External Help

aivi & surasshu

Andrea Kalfas

Andrew Chavarria
(blog post)

Reagan Kim
(UX consultant)


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