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Friday, December 11, 2015

Google Doodle for Sunčana Škrinjarić’s 84th Birthday

Dec 11, 2015

Sunčana Škrinjarić’s 84th Birthday

Upon wandering into the forest and establishing his easel beneath the shade of an elm tree, Peter Palette begins to paint. Feeling dreamy, he gives up his work in favor of a nap, and abruptly slips into a deep sleep. This elm tree, as it happens, is enchanted; when he awakes, he suddenly finds himself speaking with the creatures of the forest.

So begins the inspiration for today’s Doodle, and the book that made Sunčana Škrinjarić one of Croatia’s most beloved storytellers. Lydia Nichols remembers the author on her 84th birthday with some imagery from her greatest tale, Čudesna šuma, which she created using screen printing techniques and a simple, vibrant palette. Here’s to magic, whimsy, and our favorite childhood stories.

Original oncept sketch
Early sketches by Doodler Lydia Nichols

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